Nursing Care

24 hour specialised care is provided by professional nurses, staff nurses and trained caregivers.

Nursing and caregiver staff provides basic care such as bathing, dressing, feeding, oral hygiene and tending to minor illnesses such as influenza and common colds. The majority of our residents are not able to dress, feed, bathe or toilet themselves – all these daily tasks have to be done for them by the Woodside caregivers, all of whom have received training in first aid and home based care. Provision of nutritious meals are a priority and input has been received from a dietitian to ensure that a balanced diet & specialised needs are met well. It is notable that our residents’ overall conditions and immune systems reflect this good intake, as general health is good. Caregivers receive ongoing training regarding specific conditions and needs of our residents to ensure consistent staff development and adequate care for our residents.

Health Care

Our residents are taken to several other health practitioners for services we cannot provide ourselves, as follows:

  • Dental care – residents are taken for dental assessments and treatments
  • Re-boarding of medication – residents are taken to the nearest Community Health Centre for re-boarding of medication
  • Doctor’s visits – residents are taken to private doctors (if on medical aid) and to Community Health Centre’s (if not on medical aid)

Respite Care

Woodside provides hourly, daily and monthly respite care to the families of children with disabilities.

In the event of a family going on holiday or in a crisis and need our services for longer than the period mentioned they can apply for up to 3 month respite care.

How to apply for respite care?

An application form can be obtained from our reception office and once completed form should be returned to the Centre for the attention of the General Manager. Please Indicate “for respite care” on the form.

If the application is successful and we have a vacancy the General Manager will call you to set up a meeting