Get Involved and Support Woodside


Individual giving is our focus this year and you can help us by subscribing to our Adopt-a-child debit order giving campaign. By donating only R35 per month via debit order which will be processed by Woodside to your bank you have a hassle free way of giving to your favourite charity: Woodside.

Woodside also hosts many fundraising events such as dances, concerts, morning markets and high teas.

Funds received by Woodside are used for:

• Operations (day to day expenses and salaries)
• Projects (equipment; new programmes)

If you would like to donate, please contact us

Join our Tin Collection Drive

Our tin collection project is very popular and also easy and hassle free. Collect a tin at Woodside, fill with all your loose change then bring the tin back when it’s full. All we ask is that you take another tin when you return the full tin.

Contact us for more information

Support the MySchool Initiative

By making an application to My School and choosing Woodside as your charity. You will receive a My School card which can be swiped at any Woolworth’s store, Engen Quick shop, and others.

Please visit the My School website for more information or contact Woodside.


Leave a Bequest

Add Woodside Special Care Centre as a beneficiary to your will or trust, for which you will receive a tax deduction from your estate.  Bequests can be amended or cancelled if your circumstances change.  Please visit us to see what a worthy cause you’ll be supporting.

Contact us

Become a Volunteer

If you have free time and would love to donate it towards a special cause, then spending time with our residents is a great way to do so. Any spare time is great, during the week, our residents will appreciate it!

Bachelor’s degrees are not necessarily needed to be a volunteer, as long as you are able to communicate with children and adults in a normal environment, you will be ok- it is almost the same. Most importantly it is not what they can’t do, but what they can do that makes the difference and after interacting with our residents you will see that they are just differently abled and you will surprise yourself in assisting them in many ways during their daily activities and grow to love them over time.

Contacting us is easy! All you need to do is email: or phone us during office hours on 021 696 2811 we will try our best to accommodate you by explaining everything in person!

Woodside SCC