Activities for Residents


Our Children’s daily programme comprises of:

  • Sensory & motor stimulation
  • Outside play / music
  • Physiotherapy
  • Feeding and toilet training skills
  • Walks and correct positioning in their wheelchairs
  • Indoor play to prevent boredom


Our Recreation Rooms

Each dorm has its own recreation room. This is a place where the children all sit together and watch TV; listen to the radio. Other activities such as puzzle building; block building and story telling also take place here. The recreation rooms also double up as a dining room at mealtimes and their meals are served and fed to them there.

Our Sensory Room

A specially equipped sensory room is just off the Day Centre which is a visual treat for the children fitted with fish tanks; colorful chairs; special lighting and revolving image lamps. Sensory training is vitally important to our children because it assists with their visual and auditory input (a re-education of vision and hearing).